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That sort of logic certainly won't stop the Usual Suspects/True Believers from trying to grant the cutthroats the same rights as american citizens, or POWs from a conventional war. We see evidence of that over at Guarino.


Joe, being the gentleman he is, doesn't laugh out loud at a certain poster.

I'm not sure I could have that much restraint.

Sam Hieb

You can handle the pressure, Bubba.

Fred Gregory


If you challenge the usual suspects, the absolutists, opposition to the compromise bill on the rights of terrorists detainees, they turn around and angrily accuse you of calling them treasonous. The same old hackneyed leftist meme, " how dare you question my patriotism ". Recently I was the target of that intimidation tactic by a Bush hating local blogger. This particular felow has taken to calling the bill, one that Americans should be ashamed of..."torture lite "

They sure can dish it out but can't seem to take it. You know, their phony and transparent indignation is almost unbearable.

Fred Gregory

And for sure the Greensboro Kos Kids would label this columnist an evil person who cares nothing for our country's values which they and only they can define.


Fred Gregory

Sowell obviously didn't have the insane Keith Olberman in mind:


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