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why can't Fred post a comment?


I love the old ballpark, smell as it may of urine. Despite having to dodge rats the size of, well, Dodges, it was like baseball old, steady and unchanging.

I love to new park too, and it is a far superior facility, but the old park has more charm. I think few will disagree with me about that.

Fred Gregory

I loved Ponce de Leon Park where the Atlanta Crackers played. During the late '40s and early '50s the NY Yankees and the Brooklyn Dodgers would come to town and play exhibition games . As a young kid I would hang around after the games and get autographs from the super stars that era. Ponce de Leon had its day in the sun but the time came to move on.


I also fondly recall seeing future hall of famer Eddie Mathews blast prodigious home runs out of that park.


Yes,Sam I am sure you have fond memories of WMS but it also may have outlived its usefullness.

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